Thursday, December 6, 2007

In the Beginning....

I came to jewelry design late in my journey. I have always been a creative person, I designed doll clothes as a child, sketched family, friends and still lifes as a teen and went on to work professionally as a clothing designer, interior designer and a graphic designer. In my leisure I have done macrame, painting and pottery and most recently in 2006 took up jewelry design. It started when I was in search of a turquiose bead necklace and decided that rather then pay the high prices for some of the things I liked, I would attempt to create my own necklace. I purchased beads, stringing wire, sterling silver findings, some basic beading tools and a book on basic stringing techniques...the rest is history.

I love semi-precious stones and started amassing a very diverse inventory of beads and within one month of starting this hobby I was selling my creations to co-workers and friends. That was all that was necessary to propel me into moving forward in the development of a variety of jewelry making techniques and employing several different marketing strategies to sell my designs to a broader audience.

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