Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Etsy Street Team...Starving Artists on Etsy "SATeam"

I have had an active Etsy shop coming up on one year...well the word "active" is only descriptive of the shop being open for business...not the amount of business. Admittedly, I have not been an "active" shopkeeper. There are lots of excuses I can come up with to justify my inactivity, but I will not go on to list them. Shortly after opening my shop I joined one of the jewelry Street Teams on Etsy to help promote my shop. I volunteered to help the team with projects that just never materialized. My interest in participation dwindled based on the low level of activity and team spirit.

Then about a month ago our forum "Starving Jewelry Artists" decided to form an Etsy Street Team made up of forum members with Etsy shops... Starving Artists Team on Etsy "SATeam" ...the response was so phenomenal, it seemed to have slowed down the forum servers with the amount of activity in posts and new forum members. After about two weeks of accepting members to the Street Team the enrollment had to be cut off to keep the membership level in a manageable range while the team mission statements and participation guidelines were drafted and adopted by the administration team. Plans are to open application for membership sometime in March for a limited time...and to do so on a quarterly basis. It has truly been a whirlwind of activity and participation, as well as an attraction & incentive for membership in the Starving Jewelry Artists forum.

I have been involved with the Starving Jewelry Artists forum from its inception and now with the Street Team. There has been more activity from this team, that is just over one month old, than in the whole nine months I have been involved with the other Etsy Street Team...this bunch is motivated and the Team Leaders: Laurel (lavalleygirly) & Cathy (jeweledblossoms) are topnotch motivators.

Since the creation of this street team, I have seen an increase in sales activity, even though I am not particularly more active. I attribute this to the exposure we as a team have been garnering with our many outstanding treasuries...I believe we've had two front page treasuries on two consecutive weekends! This team is a treasury snagging machine...and they are all HOT!

The SATeam maintains a blog that promotes SATeam members, their blogs, team treasuries, profiles team members & their shops and offers information about products, techniques and all things jewelry related. Stop by and have a look...and if you see any active treasuries, give them a click and a comment.

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