Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Getting Toasty Around Here

No, I am not talking about the weather...I am referring to my new appliance for my studio...a PMC kiln.

Yes, I am going to move forward with working with a couple of new techniques...metal clays and enamels...however to do so requires having a kiln...yes I could use the torch method, but for best results a kiln is required. So buoyed by some money made at a recent craft show...but not enough for a brand new kiln...I started to search for a used kiln on Craigslist. What I found that fit my needs is an unused Sierra 360 PMC kiln for under $400....the kiln is several years old, never used...however Sierra is out of business. I was a bit reticent about moving forward based on that information, but what I discovered is that the same exact model is still being manufactured by Evenheat as model I went ahead and purchased the kiln from a hight school art teacher that just never got around to taking the classes she envisioned.


I am now patiently waiting for some enamel supplies to arrive to start my first trials in my new studio appliance...along with some safety equipment...glasses and gloves. I look forward to hours of fun,,,along with some frustration without a doubt....but I have lots of ideas forming that I will hopefully be able to bring to life....more shall be revealed.

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