Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Artfire Crazy Train Ride...My Turn!

As a member of the Crazy Train Ride Artfire Guild, today and tomorrow is my turn to get AMDesignsbyAngela promoted by fellow guild members and be featured in a special collection as well as a YouTube video created by Andrea Wagner the Crazy Train Ride Guildmaster.

I have been having lots of fun promoting my fellow members and I am holding on tight for my ride!

Here is a link to the collection on ArtFire....


J3Jewelry said...

Great showcase! I always love your presentations. :)

mcstoneworks said...

How cool is that!

DawninCal said...

Very cool video, Angela!

Congratulations on being featured by your Artfire Guild. Hope it leads to sales for you!

Dawn - JewelryArtbyDawn @ Artfire

Ness said...

Wonderful, Angela! I hope it does well for you!