Friday, May 20, 2011

5 Things I Like Best About Selling on ArtFire.

I migrated my OOAK Artisan Jewelry Studio AMDesignsbyAngela from Etsy to Artfire about 6 months ago.

Why would I leave the #1 indie handmade selling venue for an underdog upstart? There are many reasons why I decided to leave Etsy, one being I was tired of being a little fish in a big ocean,,,I prefer being a little fish in my own pond, but I will focus on the reasons why I chose Artfire, well, at least my top 5 reasons.

First, it's about economics. I was fortunate to get in on the highly promoted, limited time offer to create a Pro studio for $5.95/month, FOREVER! listing fees, no transaction fees, EVER! limits on the number of items I can list for this nominal monthly fee. This will actually be saving me a minimum of $15.00/month, but on average much more.

Then there is my ability to use my own domain name. I can lead customers to my ArtFire Pro Studio and they will never see anything other than "my" registered domain name in the URL provided. In fact, the Artfire platform is based on each studio virtually appearing to be a stand alone website. Each Pro studio can enhance and modify the look and functionality of their shops individually by using tools and apps, many of which are provided as part of the Pro package.

Yes, naturally the availability of particular tools that make the ArtFire platform very attractive. I can put my shop on sale using either of two available tools, I can create and manage multiple coupon codes, give them expirations dates or validate them for a specific time period. The Global Product Editor allows me to make across the board changes to the product files...and then of course there is the Etsy Item Importer which was a godsend. I love the widgets tool...allows me to enhance my page in a variety of original ways.

One of the most refreshing features at ArtFire is that I am able to post links in my Bio and in the Forums to any off site venue...including competitive selling's nice to have the veil of paranoia lifted. Buyers don't have to be a member in order to purchase...I like to think because they are purchasing from individuals not from ArtFire.

Although I am stating this last does not mean it is viewed as "least" in value of what I LOVE about ArtFire...The people, buyers, sellers and most of all Admin...these people care and they "get it". Yes, people do come along now and again that don't get it...and they throw up their hands and leave...but I couldn't ask for a more supportive community.

Do you have your top 5 things you like about selling on ArtFire? If you write a blog post about your thoughts and post a link here you'll be eligilble to win a $500 gift certificate.


Anonymous said...

I was really fortunate as well to sign up during the early promotions with the $5.95 deal, and we're locked in..which is really awesome! They're so generous and also not greedy. Artfire is seriously the best, and the community is forever growing.

fantastic blog post, beautiful wire wrapped jewelry in your shop too. :]

Cat said...

Nice post, you really put into words what I feel, too.