Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting Ready for June Show...

This is the year that I have resolved to do four to five craft shows. Last year I did my first show, at a small indoor venue, that was part of an Oktoberfest celebration. I did quite well. Since my online sales have been almost nonexistent I decided to do more face to face selling.

My first show for this year was in March...I didn't make it...circumstances beyond my control. I am now preparing for a show coming up June 11...indiemade craft market. If you are from the Lehigh Valley area you may want to come by.

The organizers of indiemade craft market are a local group of crafters and seem to have had a couple of successful events in the past. The event offers lots of incentives for attendees, one thing in particular is "Swag Bags" for the first 50 attendees. All vendors are required to provide 10 each of something to include in the bags...for my contribution I decided to make wire formed bookmarks...they are representative of one of the various techniques I use in creating some of my jewelry designs and quite cute and also functional. I have attached them to business cards and placed each in a signature black & white bag...

Here's the menagerie....

Penguin, Owl, Dinosaur, Flower, Heart
Fish, Cat, Snail, Owl, Mouse

I hope they like them...uh-oh...just realized looking at the pics my Turtle is MIA...but I'm sure you get the idea.

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