Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Current Obsession

This month I am joining in on the Starving Artist Team monthly Blog Carnival. This month's topic is "My Current Obsession" which is exactly the reason I decided to join in.
I have been spending lots of time researching what is required to get my ArtFire Studio and my item listings to show up in search results...well not just show up, but show up in the first three pages of results.
Yes, my current obsession is getting to understand and implement good "Search Engine Optimization" so that I can improve my sales results through my Artfire Artisan "Pro" Studio, .
One of the ways, as I understand it, is to blog. Search engines will crawl blog posts and find the links I've included to my shop and index the keywords I use that are relevant to my shop contents. So, I have made a renewed effort to blog more often and about a variety of topics. I can also improve SEO by having backlinks that search engines will find on other websites...well the "Blog Carnival" allows for an exchange of links among on the participants so my blog will have links on quite a number of blogs as well as the SATeam Blog
Another important element of improving SEO is having relevant titles and keywords in product listings and descriptions...I have been doing a lot of editing of my item listings lately....reworking titles, adding content to the descriptions, adding keywords as they occur to has been a lot of work...and I would really like to see some positive results from it...
So here is one of my current ArtFire listings: What do you think of the title and description? Do you think it is relevant content...good SEO? I hope so!

Handcrafted Artisan Lapis Chrysocolla Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

                    Handcrafted Artisan Lapis Chrysocolla Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace


Product Description:

Handcrafted Artisan Lapis Chrysocolla Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

A very elegant, contemporary teardrop pendant starring a beautiful Lapis Chrysocolla cabochon. The handcrafted bezel setting is punctuated by a textured background bordered with a square wire rim. The pendant measures approx. 2.25" and dangles from a 20" fancy bead chain.

Artfully Handcrafted Jewelry by AMDesignsbyAngela

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Cat said...

That is an obsession I should have, but I struggle with it.
I think you did well with your title and the piece is beautiful!

Jeanne/J3Jewelry said...

Very nice, Angela. I would fix "punctuataded" to "punctuated." And perhaps mention its width, and any pertinent information about the chain. Great listing, even so!

galadryl said...

I wish you good luck with SEO. I did that a few weeks ago with all my shops and website. Really hard work. I am not really seeing results, but it takes time I guess. The title of your listing is perfect btw.

DawninCal said...

SEO is hard work and I'm still trying to figure it out. Your title looks like good SEO to me as it's very descriptive. I've been reading that Google tends to pick up on descriptions that are 500 words or more so you may want to consider adding more content to your descriptions. I'm going to be going through my items to do just that, although sometimes it's like "what more can I possibly say?"

Your pendant is beautiful!

AMDesignsbyAngela said...

Thank you for your comments.

Jeanne, I did make that "punctuated" correction, Thanks.

Dawn, I have heard pros & cons for the 500 word descriptions. I can't force it. I give it as much as I logically & comfortably can. Besides, I generally do go back to tweak and add or delete every couple of weeks or so.

DawninCal said...

I know what you mean, Angela. As a buyer, I'm not sure I'd read a big long description once it stopped being about the item and turned into a novel.

BeadSire said...

Welcome to the blog carnival Angela and thanks for sharing a little bit about SEO, like the others something I need to learn more about. Beautiful piece - and I think you've covered your description perfectly.