Friday, June 3, 2011

A New Selling Venue...Three Sisters' Marketplace

A couple of weeks ago, while getting associated with some new groups I joined on LinkedIn, I came across an announcement for a new "handmade" selling venue. I clicked on the link and just by virtue of its appearance I wanted to have my work represented on this marketplace.

The site is very professional, well organized for buyer browsing, the items listed were well presented, artisans' display their offerings in individual "shops" and shoppers are able to checkout all their purchases in a single transaction.

Another very attraction feature for me was that this site is juried. This feature is to ensure that the work being submitted for inclusion is indeed handmade, that it is of the quality and workmanship that the target market would expect and that the items' presentations are cohesive with the overall look and image the marketplace has created to attract buyers.

I don't wish to make this sound like a panacea for indie artisans to sell their wares, not yet anyhow...there are many areas that could use improvement and things that may not work for everyone, but this is one of the nicest sites I've seen in a long time.

AMDesignsbyAngela has no affiliation with this new venue other than I chose to open a new shop there...I am only spreading the word because if there are other artisans like myself who would like to find an attractive venue...and here's the kicker...that is free to join and free to list...Three Sisters' Marketplace may be the site for you.

Three Sisters' is a commission based sales proposition. Some may find the commission percentage to be on the high side, but using calculations of what I have spent on other venues for listing fees, relisting and showcasing fees or monthly fees and ad fees and based on the revenue I have received, the commission rate would be comparable and in line with selling costs I have personally experienced.
The vision of the founders was to have a venue with high quality items, that would be easy and fun to use and be cost effective for all involved. I believe their vision has been realized.

You can see my shop AMDesignsbyAngela at Three Sisters here ...maybe give me a rating???

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