Sunday, July 10, 2011

No Longer an ArtFire Virgin...

That's right...I got my first sale on ArtFire during the Christmas in July promotion offering 15% off all items in my studio.

As it happened, I received a notice that I had a sale, but I hadn't received payment as yet...contacted the buyer thanking her for her order and reminded her that payment had not been response! Waited another day and contacted buyer again to let her know that I would be cancelling her order if payment or a response was not received within 24 I cancelled the order...needless to say I was a bit disappointed!

Just about the same time, I received another notification that I had a sale on a different item...along with that came a message from the buyer (from Canada) that they had an issue with I went to check my PayPal settings and lo and behold...I had some settings that restricted purchases from unregistered buyers, non US buyers and the use of foreign currency... immediate made the necessary changes, issued a PayPal invoice and notified the buyer to proceed with payment using the invoice...yay...payment received.

I wish I had taken the time to check these settings with the first buyer, but I didn't know if she had a problem with checkout because she never tried to contact me nor did she reply to my communications. She was more than likely an unregistered user on PayPal and couldn't process her payment because of the settings I knew nothing about...oh well, live and learn...I'm just happy to be seeing some activity in my studio...a virgin no longer...and lusting for more sales!

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Cat said...

Hopefully that will just be the beginning! :-D